The brief here was to help separate Aberdeen Appointments Agency (AAA) from the crowd with each a distinctive offer, message and image all in hand with the existing brand.

AAA wanted to highlight how they differentiate from their competitors with a striking campaign able to go the distance across a range of collateral – allowing them to embark upon creative consistency. The unique product of AAA is that they get to know their clients unlike many competitors just matching CVs to jobs without an individual approach.

The idea was simple; ‘the craft of recruitment’ was formed as a campaign line supported by striking origami images from some of the best artists in that field, while still holding to the strong AAA colour palette. 

Aptitude in the art of paper craft takes years to achieve. It is about mastering the basic folds and learning to combine these in innovative ways to create works of art, being adept in it requires a deep body of knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience. Origami represents a craft that relies on basic human skill rather than complicated technology, and generates extraordinary results. In the same way, AAA rely on human interaction to generate the ideal match of candidate with company.

"Fifth Ring produced a striking campaign that perfectly captured our ethos and communicated our approach to recruitment. The campaign enabled us to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market." — Andrew Burton, Associate Director, AAA