Starting from the start.

Although the logo was not something which was requested to look at, I felt there was opportunity for improvement. The problem had been not losing the built up brand value and recognition carried behind the existing Kirkwood mark.

With this in mind I subtly evolved the logo working on minor factors such as composition, typography, scale and geometry which would make a big difference from small margins.

Once accepted the bigger picture of the brand was evolved and I supplied typography styles, a photography direction brief and accompanying creative campaign to partner the concept of 'bringing quality to life.'

For the foundations of the campaign I wanted to capture the essence of craftsmen – experts in their fields who gave Kirkwood homes their USP of quality and detail focused woodwork. I then worked in collaboration with digital, advertising, PR teams and of course the client to further the development of Kirkwood’s digital and traditional marketing collateral, seeing the design work through a range of platforms.