Asa Rodger
One man brand & branded content

Kip Hotel



I was brought in to work with Kip Hotel twice. The first leg of this project was brand building. At the foundation of Kip before a hotel existed, I worked with the owner to develop the hotel concept — how to appeal to a booming area which was being flooded by the makers-market and morphing into the mecca of London’s start-up scene. This cascaded across the offering, USPs and fleshing out a hierarchy of the brand’s messages and how to communicate them through their values, a tone of voice and a visual identity.



  • Logo Design

  • Concept development

  • Messaging

  • Tone of Voice

  • Visual Style

  • Website Development

  • Photography

  • Interiors Art

  • Sigage

  • Copywriting

  • Brand Guidelines




The results for Kip Hotel were staggering:

  • The first month into our summer campaign was the best month Kip had ever had in terms of bookings

  • April, before the second job for Kip started, sales were down 13%, August bookings 2018 was up 52% from August 2017

  • Website traffic increased 138%

  • Shown on Channel 5’s Hotel Inspector as ‘the future of affordable accommodation

  • STR stats reported hotel revenue London was down on previous year while Kip Hotel was up 20% on revenue