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In 2011, I earned my first design studio job. Having funded my own way through Education selling sketches and ideas out of necessity – I then never stopped since. On top of agency hours (which, as the baptism of fire it is, always included long evenings and weekend sprints), I took ‘holidays’ to travel to London and launch brands on the fly. Safe to say, across a relatively short period of time I’ve tallied-up a vast body of experience.

I now operate as a one-man studio with a far-reaching creative tribe of production artists. My work has become distinguishable by a unique blending of art, design-directon and idealism with a large scale understanding of commercial brand and marketing. I now work to use both words and images as a tool to transcend style and time for brands.

Over years I’ve been blessed to apply my skills and make a direct effect on the lives and personalities behind hundreds of start-ups, and I dig the thought of that. A thought can turn to dust or magic, and I get kicks from helping to morph visions into reality for others.

If you’d like to throw some ideas around until some start to land with a bit of gravity, then get in touch at hi@asarodger to start the ball rolling, if you’re not ready quite yet to invest in rolling those balls and realising your vision, I have a resourceful journal absolutely jam-packed with insights and freebies.





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BMA B2 Awards
ChipShop Awards x3
Hermes Creative Awards x5
Pinterest Awards